Let's get going!
  1. 1.
    download and install Max = https://cycling74.com/downloads
    • you will need Max all semester, but you can begin with the 30 day trial ... then choose if you want to pay per month ($10/month) or annually ($60 for students) or for a permanent license ($250 once for students = best to buy now when you are a student!).
  2. 2.
    check out the many resources that help you learn Max = https://cycling74.com/get-started
  3. 3.
    in Max:
    • open it up and see what you can do ... I'll walk you through it during next class ... but sometimes it is fun to just get a little start on your own
    • start by finding the "MSP Sampling Tutorial 1: Recording and Playback" by going to Help > Reference ... then looking for MSP tutorials
    • also check out "MSP Sampling Tutorial 3: Playback with Loops" which will explain the groove~ object

Listening/Watching Homework