9. Personal [Professional] Website
Create a personal website for professional use using Wordpress.com

You must include the following on the site:

    About Page
      professional portrait photo taken by a current colleague in MUS1331 with a mirrorless or DSLR camera taking advantage of its ability to capture a shallow depth of field
      short bio
      link to downloadable résumé or CV (PDF)
        yes! I want you to take the time to create a real résumé or CV for this class!
      contact form (one of the most important reasons to have a website is for people to have a way to contact you ... make it easy for them to contact you!)
    MUS1331 Page (that you can easily hide once you are done with this class)
      this is where assignments for the class will be turned in

Using Box.com to store files for your free Wordpress.com site

    create direct links to files, then use as if stored on an ftp server


    purchase a domain through domains.google.com and map it to your wordpress.com site
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