9. Electroacoustic Music

  1. Define "electroacoustic music."

  2. What is "fixed" or "fixed media" electroacoustic music?

  3. What is "interactive" or "live" electroacoustic music?

  4. What are the building blocks of electroacoustic music? How does elektronische musik (Stockhausen) differ in definition to musique concrète (Schaeffer)?

  5. What are some applications used to edit, generate, manipulate, and perform electroacoustic music?

Defining Electroacoustic Music

​New York City Electronic Music Festival (NYCEMF) definition:

Electroacoustic music is music whose sound incorporates electronic tools and instruments, including software, in its production or performance. Electroacoustic music often seeks to explore all the sonic possibilities of new technologies, and it includes both works performed live on stage and works created in the studio and played back in concert ...

​Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) definition:

Electro-Acoustic music is a term used to describe those musics which are dependent on electronic technology for their creation and/or performance.