Assignment (analog synth)

Part 1 = Learn about synthesis

  1. Watch Synthesizer Basics (Berkley) (10min video)

  2. With great patience and focus, slowly work your way through understanding *how* the instrument in the playground works in the following manner:

    • click on the menu in the bottom right (four squares)

      • Preset: Default

      • Sequence: Midtone

    • push play

    • work your way through the instrument starting with the top left going down, adjusting only one parameter at a time ... do no move on to adjusting the next parameter until you completely understand the one you are on (you may want to put the parameter back to it's home/neutral position before moving on to the next)

Part 2 = Create

  1. find a free royalty-free image for which to design sound (a photo you take or something from a site like Pexels, Unsplash, JayMantri, etc.)

  2. install the Chrome Audio Capture extension (or record browser audio another way of your choosing)

  3. record a short atmospheric moment you create using the playground that best matches the photo you chose (note: you can play notes by typing on your keyboard).

  4. add the mp3 to your github pages site

  5. add the image to your github pages site

<img src="example.jpg" width="100%">