Assignment (music video)

Create a multi- or spit- screen music video (one piece of music seamless throughout) using the good gear you are borrowing from this class, a video camera (your phone will do), and DaVinci Resolve. It must be at least 1min in length. You may work in groups to audio/video record (to create something like this), but each person must do all the editing of the files on their own computer in Resolve individually (and you must adhere to social distancing ... I assume you will be doing recordings individually in different locations if you work in groups). Note: there is no pressure to work in groups, you can create a video with found sounds or homemade instruments.

Turn in your assignment by uploading it to Youtube or Vimeo (it can be unlisted) and Email me the URL of your video.

If Resolve just will not run well because you have a low performance laptop, using Shotcut (instead of Resolve) may provide you with a better overall experience since it is marketed to run well on lower performing computers. I suggest you follow the settings provided in the following video to help your computer out even more =​



Student examples from past semesters: