Reading - due 9/1
This assignment is from Inside Computer Music by Michael Clarke, édéric Dufeu, and Peter Manning ... if you are unable to read from the online ebook, here is the intro and ch.1.
    On the book's supplemental website homepage it points to this website housing the supplemental software ... download the software for Chowning on the right side of the page for Windows or Mac.
    Read through the introduction = Technology and Creativity in Computer Music (stop reading when it mentions Ch.2 - which is around page 10).
    Read through Ch.1 = John Chowning - Stria and follow along with the supplemental software (listen through the piece completely at least once without pausing/stopping)

AM (Amplitude Modulation)

(turn on digital signal processing (DSP) and play the MIDI keyboard / turn knobs):
Pd AM Synth

FM (frequency modulation):

How can you control the FM patch below with MIDI?
Pd FM Synth
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