Hardware Suggestions

There are many other fine products out their that may very well be better than these, but I can vouch for the dependability of these items based on my years of experience using them.

Audio Interfaces:

  • best bang for the buck = Focusrite interfaces

    • I suggest getting

  • best professional, "future proof" = Metric Halo interfaces

Portable Audio Recorders:

  • best bang for the buck = Zoom H series audio recorders

    • as of 2019: stick with series numbers 2 and above (H2n, H4n, H5, H6); the H1 is not good

  • professional, still affordable, hardware limiters, and blows Zoom recorders out of the water = Sound Devices MixPre series


  • for use in live situations (with a PA system) = Shure SM58โ€‹

  • solid, dependable, affordable microphones of all kinds = Rรธdeโ€‹

Microphone Stands: