Part 2 (computers)



Each person in the class will be assigned a number below to research and teach the term or question to the class during using Google Slides thoroughly explaining the concept:
      What makes a computer a computer?
      What are sensors?
      What is a computer "bus" ... what does an audio bus do?
      Define binary (use the following terms in your definition: machine language, high-level, low-level).
      What type of file or media would most likely take up 196 B (bytes)? 182 KB (kilobytes)? 4 MB (megabytes)? 65 MB? 3 GB (gigabytes)?
      What is a transistor, what did it replace, and why is it the most important invention of the 20th Century?
      Define CPU, describe what it does, and discuss hardware solutions for cooling them?
      What is a multicore processor? How many cycles (steps of instructions) per second can a quad core 2.4 GHz processor perform?
      Define memory (RAM), explain its function, and an example of how it is practically used every day.
      Define and discuss storage (SSD, HDD, etc.)
      Discuss how memory differs from storage.
      Define GPU and describe what it does.
      What is VRAM?
      What are pixels?
      Define Operating System (or System Software) and list the three that are most common.
      When working in an application, when do you save your work?
      Describe the difference between “open” and “proprietary” file formats and how that plays into “digital obsolescence”.
      In what type of format is everything encoded to transfer data between connections of the internet? How does the information physically travel down a copper wire (Ethernet)? How do bits physically travel down a “glass wire”(fiber optic)?
      Define packets [of information]. Discuss the importance of TCP.
      Define bandwidth. How is the size of bandwidth described?
      What are modems and routers?
      What is an Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
      Describe what the following are and how they are difference: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
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