MUS1331 Questions


  1. What makes a computer a computer?

  2. What form must data be in for a computer to be able to process it?

  3. What is a transistor, what did it replace, and why is it the most important invention of the 20th Century?

  4. Draw a block diagram that shows how the parts of a computer connect. Include labels for: CPU, Control Unit, Arithmetic Logic Unit, RAM (main memory), Storage (aux storage), input, and output.

  5. What are pixels?

  6. What is a computer "bus" ... what does an audio bus do?

  7. What is the purpose of RAM?

  8. How many cycles (steps of instructions) per second can a *quad core* 2.4 GHz processor perform? How many cycles per second can a 333 MHz processor perform?

  9. What are sensors?

  10. How do you calculate the current (in amps) for all the gear hooked to one circuit breaker in a room?


  1. What is an operating system?

  2. When is BIOS used, what is its function, and where is it located? (use the following terms in your answer: operating system, ROM)

  3. What is “the shell”? What is a program you can use to access “the shell”?

  4. Define software (use the following terms in your answer: algorithm, instructions).

  5. Define programming language.

  6. What is machine language?

  7. Describe the difference between “open” and “proprietary” file formats and how that plays into “digital obsolescence”.

  8. When working in an application, when do you save your work?

  9. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  10. What are some tips for presenting using slide software like PowerPoint?