Assignment (computer hardware)

Choose *one* of the following:

  1. create a model of the fundamental components of a computer out of food and describe why you placed each item where you did (Include: CPU, Control Unit, Arithmetic Logic Unit, RAM (main memory), storage (aux storage), input (with an example such as a "keyboard"), and output (with an example such as a "printer")

  2. represent something analog in a binary format (in a tangible medium = no computers or digital devices involved at all)

  3. show the class a science experiment using only DC electricity (using things from your home)

  4. if you have a microcontroller or SoC, show the class what you can do with it

  5. show the class (hold up in front of the camera during Zoom) 2 different mediums on which media and/or information has been stored in analog format and 2 different mediums on which binary (digital) data has been stored

  6. demonstrate what pixels are using a model or poster you have built or created

Questions for Spring2020

  1. You are locked in a warehouse full of computer parts and disks of software, but no assembled computers. It is highly possible that the warehouse will never be unlocked and no one will ever find you. You must make contact with someone to rescue you and your only way of contact is via an active broadband [coaxial] cable line you can see hanging out of the wall. What components would you use from the warehouse shelves to build a complete computer? Since all the hard disk and solid state drives are new and thus empty, how will you load the necessary software on the computer? Don't forget to include how the computer will hook to the coaxial cable.

  2. Design your ideal smart home. What input (sensors) and output devices will it have? Will it need a computer? Will it use microcontrollers? What parts will be controlled locally (intranet) and what parts will be hooked to the World Wide Web (internet)?